Milton Keynes is 50-years old people and we will be sure to be celebrating till the cows come home!

If you’ve not already ‘herd,’ Milton Keynes Council are planning a variety of events to mark this special birthday and have included Herd About MK as a main event in their celebrations.

Recognising the value this project brings to Milton Keynes for both businesses and charities alike, we are both encouraging your involvement.

As we’re fast approaching 2017, the people of Milton Keynes will be celebrating the landmark 50th birthday in a number of special ways and will therefore, be very receptive to events commemorating MK 50.

Herd About MK is a great way to bring art to the city, whilst promoting your brand and raising thousands of pounds for fantastic, local charities.

So, to keep you in the loop, it’s good news – the cows are now on their way to the city of Milton Keynes. If you’ve already sponsored a cow you will soon get the opportunity to decorate the cow yourself, with your staff or bring in a local artist to do so. If you haven’t sponsored a cow, get involved today and contact Rob or Simeon at

So, all that’s left to say from us is please enjoy the last couple of days before kicking back, relaxing and enjoying the Christmas break because 2017 promises an exciting year ahead.

From all us at Herd About MK, we wish our media partners, our sponsors and all of you a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2017.